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As is almost always the case, most people really don't care much about servicing their car’s air conditioning system until after it fails. You need to maintain the air conditioner in your car for it to work properly. This usually means two things: Always make sure there's enough refrigerant in your AC Make sure there are no small leaks in the system which would allow the refrigerant to escape Once you realize your car’s air conditioner doesn't work as it should, it's probably too late and it's time to fix your car AC.

Your Health Comes First!

If you experience strange smell coming from your air conditioner, the air you breathe in isn't healthy and your air cabin filter needs to be changed. This may also be associated with a moldy evaporator case. These are always checked during maintenance and service. These parts are easy and fairly affordable to replace. Also, be aware of the fact that leaking refrigerant isn't healthy for the atmosphere, so when you bring your car in for a car AC preventative maintenance, you're also protecting the environment.p>


Most cars don't have any system warning lights to inform you there's something wrong with your AC, although some will display the status on the dashboard Information Either way, you'll probably realise your car’s air- conditioner isn't as cool as it used to be. In most cases, your car suffers from a refrigerant leak. A properly sealed and pressurised system will never lead to refrigerant degradation. Air conditioner repairs for cars like this are no big deal, as they involve locating the leak, replacing the faulty hose or another damaged part, and refilling the system with new refrigerant. It's best to take your car to an auto air conditioner repair centre as the qualified technicians there will ensure that the system is recharged and re-pressurized according to the manufacturer's specifications.

Understand Air Conditioning

Before the actual car AC repair, you should familiarize yourself with the way it works. It's fairly simple and works on the same principles as your home AC, only in a much smaller package. Your car engine powers both the heating and the air conditioning system. The air conditioning system has many shared components with the heater, such as the blower, controls, and air ducts. Your car AC system includes a compressor, condenser, receiver, orifice tube, and evaporator core. All of these may become faulty over time. A liquid refrigerant runs throughout the system and actually makes it possible for the AC to cool off the interior of the car during those hot summer days. A car air conditioner fix is usually about one of two most common faults: recharging your AC refrigerant or repairing AC components.

A Thorough Examination

Even though the whole system is fairly simple, a close inspection process looks a bit like what you’ve seen in popular investigation TV shows. The internal controls and blower need to be checked for faults, as sometimes your AC may simply suffer from some minor electronic glitch that may be a simple fix. In some cases, the blower needs to be replaced. Another important part of car AC inspection is to check the radiator coolant, thermostat, hoses, pressure radiator cap, and the operating temperature. If there's anything wrong with any of these, they need to be replaced. The compressor and compressor belt are among the most expensive replacement parts, so they need to be checked for faults as well. Next stop is refrigerant leakage inspection via a system pressure test. If your system leaks and it isn't properly pressurized, it needs to be fixed and the refrigerant needs to be refilled, along with re- pressurization in accordance to the manufacturer's specification.
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